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Tuesday Nailtique: Gold Glitter Manicure

I have a small pot of lose gold glitter that’s been sitting in my makeup box for years now.  I think it was one of those free samples from Sephora.  I bring it out on on Halloween and the random costume party when I need some glitter on my face or body.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I rarely have a use for gold glitter.  Well…I finally found a use for it.  Gold glitter manicure!!!  Here’s how you can DIY.


You Need:
Clear Base + top coat
Solid nail polish #1, try a neutral or gray
Sold nail polish #2, try a light color (Essie Ballet Slippers)
Lose gold glitter


  1. Paint base coat and paint 1 coat of solid color #1 on all nails except for your ring finger, where you should use solid color #2.
  2. Paint the second coat on each nail.  Before the nail dries, take the glitter and sprinkle it on all nails, except for the ring finger, where you will dip the tip of the nail in the glitter pot.
  3. Wait 5 minutes.  Paint top coat



Tuesday Nailtique: Black with Gold Stripes

Loving the simplicity and chic-ness of these black and gold nails.  The black is pretty tough while the gold stripe adds a delicate touch to the manicure.  I love it!!  I’m going to take a stab a a DIY tutorial for you…


You Need:
Clear Base + top coat
Black nail polish
Gold tinsel, gold ribbon or something similar


  1. Paint base coat and paint 2 coats of black on all nails.  Let dry.
  2. Trim gold tinsel so it’s the width of your nail.
  3. Dap a little clear polish on the bottom of the tinsel and carefully position it a few millimeters from the nail tip.
  4. CAREFULLY paint top coat.


Tuesday Nailtique: The Accent Nail

I hope everyone is safe in the aftermath of Sandy.  If you’re one of the East Coaster’s stuck inside today here’s a quick and easy nail tutorial to keep you occupied.

You Need:
Clear Base + top coat
Solid nail polish, try maroon or oxblood
Accent nail polish in metallic or with glitter


  1. Paint base coat and paint 2 coats of solid color on all nails.  Let dry.
  2. Paint one accent nail on each hand.  I find the ring finger is best.  1 coat should be fine, this way the base color shows a little too.
  3. Paint top coat

Stay safe.  XX, Sheree

Tuesday Nailtique: Ballet Slippers from Essie

If you’re in search of a classic, clean polish that’s great for special occasions and every-day wear, you’ve found it with Ballet Slippers from Essie.  It’s been around for years and was made famous by Giada De Laurentiis.  I still have a bottle from 7 years ago that has top billing on my nail polish shelf.

I have a wedding coming up this weekend and can you guess what color polish I’ll be wearing?

Photo from Rikki Nails

Tuesday Nailtique: DIY Newsprint Nails

I get New York Times every Sunday, so why not get my money’s worth by using it for Newsprint Nails!?!  It’s super easy to DIY.

You Need:
Base Coat
Neutral polish
Top Coat
Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka
10 small pieces of a newspaper

1.  Paint a base coat and 2 coats of the neutral polish
2.  Dip your nail into alcohol for 5 seconds.  Immediately press 1 piece of newspaper onto the nail.  Hold for 15 seconds.
3.  Continue with the next nail.
4.  Top with clear coat.

Here are some great nail tutorials:

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