Wednesday Gourmet: TJ’s Cookie Butter

I’ve been hearing a lot about Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter.  Is it cookie dough, I wondered?  Or is it like Nutella?  Well, I finally picked up a jar from my TJ’s and boy is it delicious.  TJ’s describes it best…

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter is spreadable Speculoos cookies. Speculoos cookies are classic Belgian cookies with a slightly caramelized, almost-but-not-quite-gingerbread flavor. They’re crushed into a fine powder and mixed with magical ingredients and turned into a smooth, spreadable substance we call Cookie Butter. It resembles peanut butter in color and consistency. Spread it on toast, bagels, pancakes or waffles. Use it as a dip for hunks of dark chocolate or pretzels or (gasp!) veggies like carrots or celery.

Well, I’ve been eating it spread on cookies but am in search of some recipes with Cookie Butter in it.  If I don’t make something with it, it’s going to make me gain 10 pounds!  Here are some recipes I’m thinking of trying out.

Cookie Butter and White Chocolate Smoothie
Source: via Chris on Pinterest


Tuesday Nailtique: Black with Gold Stripes

Loving the simplicity and chic-ness of these black and gold nails.  The black is pretty tough while the gold stripe adds a delicate touch to the manicure.  I love it!!  I’m going to take a stab a a DIY tutorial for you…


You Need:
Clear Base + top coat
Black nail polish
Gold tinsel, gold ribbon or something similar


  1. Paint base coat and paint 2 coats of black on all nails.  Let dry.
  2. Trim gold tinsel so it’s the width of your nail.
  3. Dap a little clear polish on the bottom of the tinsel and carefully position it a few millimeters from the nail tip.
  4. CAREFULLY paint top coat.


Monday Inspiration: Smile

Never regret something that made you smile. ~Unknown

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Thursday Style Guide: Cat Jewelry

My dear friend Maddy from MP Daily bought me the cutest, most darling kitty cat earrings as a congratulations gift on my new cat, Maya.  THANK YOU, MADDY!!!  My beau and I adopted Maya 4 weeks ago from Zani’s Furry Friends animal rescue.  We were looking for a cat that had already been declawed and came across this little love bug on their website.  We had a great experience with Zani’s FF and I’d highly recommend them for anyone looking to adopt a dog or cat in NYC.

So…I’ve started to become that crazy cat lady.  Eeeks, I can’t help myself but I’m obsessed with Maya.  It’s all that I talk about and for the first 2 weeks I couldn’t wait to get home to spend time with her.  I’ve calmed down a bit (fortunately for all of my friends) but I still am in crazy love with my girl and am planning on purchasing the following pieces to show the world my love 🙂

From Maddy, these looks just like Maya. 



Ring from Madewell

Source: via Sheree on Pinterest


Necklace from

Source: via Anna on Pinterest