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Recap of 2012 and Happy 2013!

Dear Tommy and Ella readers,

Thank you all for reading and following my blog in 2012.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  It’s been a very busy December with work and holiday festivities.  Also I started a professional organizing business, Solution Mavens, with my friend, Grace.  We’ve been diligently working for the past few months getting our business plan together, website up and working on some friends’ homes for our portfolio. 

I was home for the holidays with my sisters and their families.  We haven’t all been in the same place in over 7 years and it was wonderful spending time with my “little” nieces and nephew.  Work is always busiest in these winter months, as I work for a restaurant and that’s the nature of the business. 

As we head into a new year, what’s next?  One new thing I have planned for 2013 is A Sprinkle of Sunshine, a website devoted to inspiration, positivity and ideas for bringing happiness to others.  I also want to refocus on my photography.  My dad gave me some of his old cameras and I want to test them out and take some old school film photos.  I’m going to put Tommy and Ella on a hiatus.  While I’ve loved posting about style, food, inspiration quotes and life, I sometimes over commit and I think I need a little break for right now.  You never know, Tommy and Ella might come back…maybe in a different format?!?  In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @tommyandella or Twitter @tommyandella. 

I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting me.  It means a great deal and I am forever grateful to my readers.  You guys rock!! 

What are you plans for 2013?  Big or small…I hope you accomplish them.  Good luck my friends. 




Monday Inspiration: No matter…

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

Monday Inspiration: Let’s have fun today!


Let’s have fun today!