Thursday Style Guide: Cat Jewelry

My dear friend Maddy from MP Daily bought me the cutest, most darling kitty cat earrings as a congratulations gift on my new cat, Maya.  THANK YOU, MADDY!!!  My beau and I adopted Maya 4 weeks ago from Zani’s Furry Friends animal rescue.  We were looking for a cat that had already been declawed and came across this little love bug on their website.  We had a great experience with Zani’s FF and I’d highly recommend them for anyone looking to adopt a dog or cat in NYC.

So…I’ve started to become that crazy cat lady.  Eeeks, I can’t help myself but I’m obsessed with Maya.  It’s all that I talk about and for the first 2 weeks I couldn’t wait to get home to spend time with her.  I’ve calmed down a bit (fortunately for all of my friends) but I still am in crazy love with my girl and am planning on purchasing the following pieces to show the world my love 🙂

From Maddy, these looks just like Maya. 



Ring from Madewell

Source: via Sheree on Pinterest


Necklace from

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


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