Tuesday Nailtique: Ciate Mini Mani Set

Fun, crazy manicures have been the trend of the year.  I’m not sure what happened but 2 years ago I was purging my nail polish collection and now I’m yearning to buy a new polish every week.

To help satisfy my manicure cravings, I’m going to pickup this awesome set from Ciate.  It’s available on Sephora.com for $58 and while that’s a little pricey when you break it down it’s really only $2 per polish.  Not a bad way to try some fun polishes & caviar nails.  This is the perfect gift for your fellow mani-lovers too!

CAVIAR Mini Mani Month from Sephora

What it is:
An entire month of truly lovable Ciaté mini Paint Pots.

What it does:
Give yourself a daily dose of color and let Ciaté brighten up your month. Every girl’s calendar can now be filled with a daily dose of delectable mini nail treats, as behind each door of this beautifully boxed set lies a vibrant surprise. This collection, featuring 20 bestselling mini Paint Pots and four mini Caviar blends, is perfectly designed and sure to be loved by nail enthusiasts everywhere.

This set contains:
– 20 x Paint Pot Nail Polish
– 4 x Caviar Pearls
– Funnel


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