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Tuesday Nailtique: The Accent Nail

I hope everyone is safe in the aftermath of Sandy.  If you’re one of the East Coaster’s stuck inside today here’s a quick and easy nail tutorial to keep you occupied.

You Need:
Clear Base + top coat
Solid nail polish, try maroon or oxblood
Accent nail polish in metallic or with glitter


  1. Paint base coat and paint 2 coats of solid color on all nails.  Let dry.
  2. Paint one accent nail on each hand.  I find the ring finger is best.  1 coat should be fine, this way the base color shows a little too.
  3. Paint top coat

Stay safe.  XX, Sheree


Monday Inspiration: Rainy Day Quotes

For all of you on the East Coast, here’s some rainy day inspiration for you while you weather Hurricane Sandy.  Stay safe and dry, everyone!

XX, Sheree

Source: via Sheree on Pinterest

Tuesday Nailtique: Halloween Manicures

Halloween is right around the corner so you only have a short time to show your Halloween spirit!  Get some inspiration from these manicures for a fun-filled, spooky end of October.

Blood Splattered

Source: via Thalita on Pinterest


Source: via Karen on Pinterest


Source: via Sheree on Pinterest

Candy Corn

Monday Inspiration: Be so happy…

Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.

Wednesday Gourmet: Coffee French Toast

This weekend I dropped my pumpkin spice english muffin into my coffee mug.  Yes, the entire muffin fell into it.  And yes, it was a huge cup of coffee.  Since I try not to be too wasteful, I scooped out my english muffin and ate it and it actually tasted pretty good.  It made me think of coffee-flavored french toast.  Is there a recipe out there?  In my research, I only found a few.  I’ll have to do some testing with Jon this weekend 🙂

1.  Tiramisu French Toast from  She has some really great recipes with beautiful photos.

2.  Coffee-Scented French Toast by Alan Coxon.

3.  Coffee French Toast video from The Fuel House restaurant in Toronto.