Thursday Style Guide: NARS Heat Wave Lipstick

I rarely wear red lipstick.  It’s because I’m not used to seeing myself in it and I feel rather clownish.  A few weekends ago, my friend Courtney let me try her NARS Heat Wave lipstick and I fell in love.  It’s red but more of an orange red, a bright orange red 🙂  It’s one of those shades that looks good on everyone.  So I made my first red lipstick purchase this week and wore it out last night.  I got a few compliments on it so I must not look like Bobo the clown.

NARS lipstick is semi-matte, a little creamy and goes on really easily.  I think Heat Waves looks best on me with my hair in a high messy bun and minimal makeup.  Wear blues or whites to really make the color pop.

Try it for yourself.  Sephora is great for testing makeup.  Purchase online, get 3 free samples and return it to the store if you need to!



2 responses to “Thursday Style Guide: NARS Heat Wave Lipstick

  1. I think you need to post a picture of you wearing this lipstick. I’ve always wanted to try red lipstick but as a person that never wears lipstick, I’m very intimidated by it (and fear that I would look like a clown). However, I find myself envious of the women that pull off red lipstick.

    • Good idea, Kim! I’ll try to post some pics soon. At first you feel a little strange wearing such a bright color but you start to love it. The one downside is that my BF doesn’t want to get lipstick all over him so he stays away. LOL.

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