Sunday, March 25th

It’s all over!  NOOOO.  I’m on a flight to Chicago.  K had a 6am flight back to DC.  I’ll miss that girl.  But we had a great trip together.  Our first vacation, just the two of us ever.  We’ve known each other for almost 20 years!

I’m sitting in the plane heading back to NY.  I feel the difference already.  The people are more ‘uptight’ and not as relaxed.  They’re all in a hurry to get somewhere.  NOOOOOO.

I’m back in my apt.  J is here.  It’s a nice welcome home.  Time to make some bracelets (I sold 4 while I was on vacation), do some laundry and get ready for the week ahead.  NOOOOOO.

I’m a lucky girl.  Traveling enables me to see life outside of the NYC bubble.  New Mexico was calm and serene, artsy and cultural, rich and poor.  Texas was friendly, lush & green, spacious, lively.  I felt like friendly Sheree when I was away.  I looked people in the eye and smiled at them.  Said hello to strangers.  Smiled when I was walking.  Was in no rush to be anywhere.

Hopefully some of this carries over to my normal life.  What a great week it’s been.  Can’t wait till my next adventure! Thanks for following me 🙂



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