Saturday, March 24th

My last day of vaca!  It’s overcast outside.  We’re sad 😦

Off to the spa to relax.  We take advantage of the steam room, whirlpool, relaxation room and pool.

Finally!  The sun’s out!  Like kids, we run over to the water park.  Hello, lazy river and water slides.  When was the last time you hung out on an inner tube w/ your bestie?  Loved soaking up some sun with K.

We pack it all up and head to downtown San Antonio to check out the River Walk.  We do a drive by and see River Walk but with some guy screaming $2 margaritas, we just didn’t seem to enticed to find a parking spot and wander around.  It felt touristy like Times Square.  Now that I’ve been back and talked to people about my travels, they tell me San Antonio is very artsy, cultural and quaint and now I wish I would have given it a chance!

Dropped off the rental car and the 1,000 bugs that I killed along the way.  RIP bugs.

Dinner at a local place called Hofbrau.  They have giant margaritas for $12.  The glass is gigantic and they top it with a bottled beer, red bull, orange soda – whatever the “garnish” is.  We stuff ourselves with some Texan munchies and people watch.  We enjoy our last night of vaca together.


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