Thursday, March 21nd

Coffee in hand, ready for the long drive ahead of me.

Just went 20 miles the wrong way so I had to backtrack through the mountains. At least it was a nice drive.

Driving through Lincoln National Forest. This is been one of the best drives so far. You have winding roads, ski runs, farms, free range cows, horses, hills covered with trees.

These roads are pretty empty. There’s not much to see on the sides of the road. It’s pretty barren land with a sprinkle of cows here and there.

Entering Texas. Hating the fact that these roads are two lanes. One lane each way, so every 15 min or so I have to pass someone and waste my gas in the process.

It’s a little sad. A lot of the towns I’m passing are run down. There are a lot of abandoned houses and broken down cars in the yard.

I’ve never seen oil drilling/hammer looking things before. They’re all over the place here.

One thing I’ve noticed here and no where else is on the side of the road, to mark an accident scene/memorial, there is a photo of the person in addition to a cross.

Lots of windmills. The kind that generate power. Never seen them before in the us.

Just got pulled over for going 96 in an 80 – eeks!! Thankfully he just gave me a warning. I need to pickup K from the airport!! She’s already there and I’m 2 hours away!!

The landscape looks a lot like what I’m used to. Grass, trees, flowers. Some of the houses are huge!!

Finally, after sitting in traffic for an hour (10 miles) I’m here!! The JW Marriott is huge. There’s a TPC gold course on site and a heated lazy river 🙂

A delicious margarita (strawberry with jalapeno-infused tequilla) and dinner (ribs and Mac & cheese) with K!! Yum.


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