Tuesday, March 20th

Can someone please tell New Mexico that it’s Spring?  It’s still freezing here.

Breakfast in the burbs at a local favorite, Telecote Cafe.  I had blue corn and pinon pancakes and Huevos Yucatecos – a corn tortilla topped with black beans, 2 eggs over medium, green chile, cheese, pico de gallo, and served with fried bananas.  I’m finally getting over this phobia of eating alone.

On the Turquoise Trail to Albuquerque.  For some reason I thought it was going to be a dirt trail with vendors dotted along the way.  It was definitely paved and a major road.  There were a few mining towns along the way with gift shops selling local turquoise, pottery and weavings.

Petroglyph National Monument – Boca Negra Canyon.  Three trails where you can see hundreds of rock drawings.  One trail takes you to the top of a mountain with gorgeous views of Albuquerque.

Checked into the hotel.  I’m staying at the Los Poblanos Inn & Farm.  This is the most picturesque setting.  The rooms are in the old ranch house.  There was a peacock outside in the courtyard.  There are over 25 acres of land.  They grow lavender in the summertime.  Two baby goats were just born yesterday.  You can see the mountains from the farm.  Simply serene.

Waiting in line to hop on the Sandia Peak Tram, the 2nd longest tram in the world.  It’s 2.7 miles long and goes up to 10,000 feet. The top is 17 degrees with 15 mph winds.  I got some pics but they never turn out the way they did when you saw it.  Sometimes the camera just doesn’t capture the beauty of the scene.

Green Chile Cheeseburger from Blake’s, a NM burger joint with made to order burgers.   I haven’t eaten since breakfast so I scarfed this down!

There’s something about Albuquerque that I really like.  Maybe it’s because there’s a little bit of green grass, maybe it’s because of the mountains are so close to the city, maybe it’s because I’m staying in a nicer hotel.  Whatever it is, I’ll definitely be coming back.


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  1. you’re making me drool…food sounds yummy!!!

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