Sunday, March 18th

Hello Santa Fe!

It feels a bit like a ghost town around here. I guess compared to NY, every place is going to be a little quieter and wasn’t that what I was looking for anyway?

Unfortunately this early on Sunday most places are closed but I’m able to wander the streets and see the Plaza – the main square.

It’s pretty chilly today – 55 degrees with strong winds. Brrrr.

Stopped into La Boca, a tapas restaurant for coffee, churros (on the house if you mention their website) and eggs over chorizo, bacon and potatoes.

A visit to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Lucky me, there was a docent talk where I learned all about Georgia O’Keeffe. Did you know she studied advertising before going to art school in NY?

I took a trolley ride to learn more about Santa Fe, the second oldest city in the US. It was actually pretty interesting and a great way to hear about the history and see the landscape of the city. Santa Fe is already at 7,000 ft and the trolly took us up another 500 ft near the mountains.

I’m starving so I head to the Five and Dime, formerly Woolworths and had a Frito Pie – basically a bag of Fritos topped with chili and cheese. They serve it in the bag. There were a bunch of locals eating at the counter alongside me.

I walked to Loretto Chapel (beautiful spiral staircase made without nails or screws) and Canyon Road (street lined with galleries). There’s a quaintness to Santa Fe. It’s because all of the houses in Downtown must adhere to the adobe style of architecture. Sometimes you can’t tell what buildings are hundreds of years old and which ones are new.

It’s hailing and there are 25 mph winds. I’m heading back to the hotel for a lil break.

I always enjoy checking out the local grocery stores, especially when I’m in a different country. Whole Foods is next to my hotel so I just grabbed some stuff from there. It’s actually more expensive than I thought New Mexico would be. The prices are comparable to NY. But you can’t find green chile at the hot bar in NY.


2 responses to “Sunday, March 18th

  1. I’m glad you hare having a good time! I’m sure you did some wonderful research to find all the fun stuff you want to see. Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

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