Saturday, March 17th

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have 2 hours to get ready and pack. I’m usually so organized in life but I hate packing and procrastinate like crazy! J surprised me with coffee and a bagel with my new fav combo (an everything bagel, toasted with lox cream cheese on the bottom and scallion on top). It’s supposed to snow in Santa Fe. Ugh. How do I pack for 30 degrees in Santa Fe to 80 degrees in San Antonio?

I make my NJ Transit train to Newark airport but we are held up because some woman did not want to pay for her ticket so the police have to get on the train to escort her off. Now I’m running 10 min late.

I’m in the Admirals Club Lounge. I knew the AmEx Platinum card was a good idea.

I’m sitting in front of a baby, who was good for the majority of the flight but is now getting cranky and screaming and crying.

In the Dallas airport lounge. It’s nice to stretch my legs, relax in a leather chair, jump on the computer, plug in my phone and enjoy some comp snacks and drinks.

Wow, that plane was small and I’m a pretty small person. I felt bad for the guy in front of me. The Santa Fe airport is also tiny! They roll up the ramp so you can get off the plane.

I’ve checked into my hotel. It’s about a mile outside of Downtown. I’ve noticed everyone is so much nicer around here. They smile and say hello 🙂 Very refreshing.

Off to find something to eat!!


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