A Cherpumple? A Pumpple?

My friend C.D. introduced me to this new concept.  Think about the dessert version of a Turducken (Turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken).  This Delish.com article breaks down the difference between the Cherpumple and the Pumpple.  Which is your favorite?

The Cherpumple has three layers.  The bottom layer is apple pie baked into spice cake; in the middle pumpkin pie is surrounded by yellow cake; and finally on top white cake with cherry pie baked inside. After baking the layers are stacked and the entire dessert is then iced with a thick coating of cream cheese frosting.

The Pumpple is a simpler affair, with only two buttercream frosted layers – the first a pumpkin pie filled chocolate cake and the second a vanilla cake stuffed with apple pie.  You can watch the ladies of The Today Show taste the cake!


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