Best Friends Animal Society Favorite Photos

Every week, Best Friends Animal Society updates their Facebook page with their favorite photos of the week.  This organization has some amazing photographers that really capture the beauty and soul of the animals and the sanctuary.  I love them!  It really makes me want to go back this year.

The photos below are from Favorite Photos (Feb 27 to Mar 2, 2012).

Feral Cats: These feral cats are a part of a trap/neuter/return program in Circleville, UT. Photo by Gary Kalpakoff

Snowy Branches: The sanctuary in southern Utah received five inches of snow last week, blanketing the landscape with a magic white fairy dust. Photo by Molly Wald

Tasha Lucy FlowerPot: “Can we PLEASE have a cookie? Please. Please. Please. We haven’t eaten in WEEKS! OH PULEEEZE!!!” Tasha, Lucy, and FlowerPot have their begging act down solid. If you are interested in any of these soulful-eyed girls, e-mail Photo by Molly Wald

Thumper: Longtime Horse Haven resident Thumper ( plays in the falling snow. Photo by Molly Wald


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