New York Times: Voyages – Readers’ Photos

The New York Times asked readers to submit a photograph from a culturally significant trip they’ve taken.  Some of my favorites are below.  Click here to see the rest.  I really wish I would have submitted one myself!

Winchester, UK
The Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur.  A place where all his knights congregate and were equal status.
Submitted by Adrian Morales

Marrakesh, Medina, Marrakech Menara, Morocco
This 16th-century madrasa is North Africa’s largest and one of its best preserved. Now a museum, the school and adjoining mosque offer wonderful examples of middle period Islamic decorative arts, attracting thousands of religious and artistic pilgrims each year.
31.63204° N, 7.986444° W
Submitted by Joseph Yackley

Page, AZ
This shot, in Upper Antelope Canyon, gives a sense of the dramatic interplay of canyons and desert light in the American Southwest.  While this is a very highly-photographed place, every picture is different due to changing light and weather conditions.
Submitted by Gregory Eaton


One response to “New York Times: Voyages – Readers’ Photos

  1. so incredible! one day we should plan on taking a photo taking trip together. xoxo

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