A Hypercolor Case for Your Phone

Do you remember the cool Hypercolor shirts you used to have?  Actually I don’t think I ever had one because my parents thought they were too expensive but wait a minute….my sister had one so how does that make sense?  Funny, she’s the one who sent me the link for this Thermo Snap case from In Case.  It’s like Hypercolor for your phone.  Right now they only come in pink (sorry boys).  I still don’t have a case for my phone so I might have to test it out!

Description from In Case…
Turn your iPhone case into your own work of art. The Thermo Snap case changes color when it’s hot or cold. Rub it with your finger to draw a doodle or write a message. If you really want to show your love, give it a kiss to warm it up. When the case cools down it changes back to the original color. You get the same durable hardshell protection of our standard Snap Case, while the minimalist design maintains the elegant profile of the iPhone 4 and doesn’t obstruct any buttons or ports.


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